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A Rock and a Hard Place





Apple Blossoms

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Artist's Statement:

The job of the artist is to find a special significance in everyday objects and events. You don't need to travel far. The best subjects may be waiting in your own backyard, if you can recognize them. The simpler your themes, the more universal they become.

I paint the people and places I see on my walks around my home in southeastern Massachusetts - although a few of my subjects exist now only in memory. There are probably similar sights in your neighborhood, though you may not have really noticed them before. I hope when you view my paintings they encourage you to take a closer look at what's around you.

As for style, I agree with Childe Hassam: "the true impressionism is realism." The real world offers us a limitless number of sights and interpretations. I once stopped with a friend to look at a grove of oak tress. I admired their stout trunks, and the resilience of their branches in the wind. My practical friend said they would make good firewood. We both looked at the same trees, but saw different things. If I were to paint that grove, I would want my painting to evoke the same contradictory responses.

Time and timelessness are recurrent themes in my work. For example, "April Green,April Gray" features stone walls, which have survived intact for perhaps hundreds of years, and new grass, which rises around them every year in springtime. Persistence and renewal are the two forms of eternity here in New England.

Like the barn in the painting, however, much of our heritage is falling away. I hope to capture a part of it before it's gone forever.